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MyTime Sports

Professional Consulting, Player Advancement & Advising,

Mental Performance Training

  • More than your typical recruiting service, the scouts and advisors at MyTime Sports have been helping players advance to college and professional baseball for over 20 years.  We take a hands-on approach to actively working with our members to find the best fit for their academic and athletic future. 

  • Through our Education, Evaluation, and Exposure process, we help guide players not only to find a team, but to find the best fit to make an impact early in their college or professional career. 

  • Each member is given the tools to give themselves an honest self-evaluation with our Athlete SWOT analysis approach which helps them identify their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. 

  • MyTime Sports helps players understand the difference between being "Recruited" or just being "Baited" to spend more money on showcases that don't actually benefit the individual athlete. Our scouts and advisors will help you determine which camps or showcases are worth going to and determine if your tools are ready to attend and perform as needed at a showcase. 

  • To learn more, use the contact form below to schedule a free call with one of our professional scouts. 

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The perfect program for any athlete that is serious about playing sports beyond high school. 


This program includes:

1) College Placement and Consulting

  • Improve Exposure to over 2000 college coaches and pro scouts.

  • Recruiting Tips and advice from Professional Scouts

  • Education, Evaluation, Exposure

  • Unlimited communication with Pro Scouts / College Recruiters

2) Mental Performance Training (

  • Improve confidence

  • Play more consistent

  • Manage Stress, Nerves, and Emotions

  •  Perform Under Pressure

  •  Bounce back from injuries

  •  Improve Mental Toughness

3) Personal Training

  •  Improve your tools (Speed, Strength, Power, Quickness)

  •  Weekly drills and tips

  •   Nutritional Advice

  •   and more


  • Education

    • MyTime Sports advisors assist players and their families in understanding every aspect of the recruiting process. This education maximizes their recruiting offers and helps to avoid costly mistakes due to the common myths surrounding baseball recruiting. Our goal is to provide accurate information to help our prospects make the best decisions to fit their athletic and educational needs. Our advisors are available to our prospects 24/7 via call, text, or email. 

  • Evaluation

    • Our Professional Scouts personally evaluate each prospect’s transferrable tools, academics, videos, mechanics, and overall future potential, to accurately promote them to the correct level for their optimal chances of success. We are not here to pad anyone’s egos. Our job is to provide accurate evaluations to the college coaches. The MyTime Sports Network and Reputation have been built on credibility and honest evaluations from our 20+ years of professional scouting experience. Our Flightscope Analytics technology is the most accurate and reliable source of measuring transferrable tools. 

  • Exposure

    • MyTime Sports “ACTIVELY” pursues the perfect fit for each of our prospects. Unlike many other companies that create a player profile, that “Sits Statically” on a recruiting website and college coaches have to pay a membership fee in order to go view your profile, MyTime Sports creates profiles that are available to ALL college coaches for FREE. We also actively communicate with college coaches daily through our personal relationships with thousands of college coaches via cell phone calls, text, or email. 



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